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Our Mission

To be the go-to resource for real estate teams & TCs seeking software and system consulting, coaching, and community, providing them with the guidance and support they need to optimize their processes, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve their business and life goals.

To maintain our position at the forefront of the industry, TC Optimize immerses itself in a perpetual quest for knowledge. We keep a pulse on social media, articles, and videos to ensure we’re always on the cutting edge. Our dedication to staying up-to-date guarantees that we deliver the most innovative and up-to-the-minute solutions for our clients and the real estate community.

At TC Optimize, we have big dreams. We envision ourselves as the ultimate resource for agents & TCs seeking top-notch software/system consulting, coaching, and a vibrant community. Picture us as the go-to hub where Real Estate and TC Teams unite to scale their businesses, streamline their processes, and achieve unbridled success. When you think TC Optimize, think excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to empowering real estate professionals!


Welcome to the TCO Tribe, where we make every click count. Check out our time-saving solutions, process-focused mindset, and collaborative community to achieve your goals in record time.


TC Optimize

Hi, I'm Josie!

The face behind TC Optimize and your go-to expert for all things real estate efficiency!

With a passion for transactions and a relentless drive for efficiency, I have dedicated my career to helping real estate agents and transaction coordinators navigate the complexities of their roles. After spending 8 years in the industry, exploring different roles from agent to ISA to operations manager, I discovered my love for transaction coordination and the madness that happens behind the scenes.

My journey with TC Optimize actually began when planning the launch of my TC business! I quickly realized the need for efficient systems and automated tools being offered a HUGE opportunity. I had several meetings with the owners of 10 Keller Williams offices in the Atlanta area interested in starting an in-house Transaction Management Division. We decided against the partnership to build the division and I continued my journey towards opening my own TC business.

In my research for the KW offices, I had finally found the best TM software of its time. Before I knew it, they released their new and improved, fully automated Transaction Management Software! I dove in head first and left no button un-clicked. I learned all I needed to know about this amazing new tool built specifically for my role to help me save time and help more agents focus on THEIR strengths.


TC turned Software Consultant helping Agents, Brokers, and Transaction Coordinators streamline their operations.

One defining moment was when I implemented an email template with conditional logic for the first time. Witnessing the automation capabilities and how it eliminated the need for manual edits was a game-changer. It solidified my belief in the power of automation and its transformative impact on real estate processes.

What sets me apart as an efficiency consultant and implementation specialist is my innovative mindset, experience in dozens of states, and expertise in mapping processes and identifying inefficiencies. I pride myself on being organized, resourceful, and tech-savvy, constantly staying up-to-date with the latest trends and tools inside and outside the industry.

I have personally experienced the challenges that transaction coordinators face, and I overcame them by developing effective systems, processes, and incorporating automation and integrations into my workflows. This hands-on experience has given me valuable insights into the pain points of real estate professionals and the solutions they need.